Boat rentals in the South of Italy

Italy is one of the favourite destinations from tourists all over Europe. Its rich history, charming people and famous gastronomy makes it a unique place in Europe. In addition, its 7,500 km of coast in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, unifies Europe with Africa and Asia, making it the perfect destination for those who love sailing. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a sailboat, a catamaran, a yacht or a simple motorboat, choose the boat you want to rent and start your adventure in the beautiful Italian waters.

Things to do in Italy

The Italian peninsula is located right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and it divides and shapes the sea areas that surround it. Italy offers a wide variety of destinations for those who love travelling by boat. In the Adriatic Sea, you can find the romantic coasts of Venice, home of great sailors, or the shiny sea of Puglia and Salento, rich in classical culture of the past. In the Tyrrhenian Sea you can choose between the melancholic coasts of Ligury, where many poets were inspired, or the impressive waters of Tuscany and the Elba Island. Also, you cannot forget the possibility to boat rental sicily,the place where the notes of famous Italian songs resound. The two main islands of the Mediterranean are waiting to be explored by sea! You can sail towards the coasts of Sardinia, kept safe by their proud people, or in the mysterious waters of Sicily, where the sun shines every day of the year.

Knowledge of when to rent a boat based on weather

Due to the size of the Italian peninsula, there are different types of climates. In the south we have a sub-tropical climate, typical of the countries in North Africa. The Mediterranean climate changes depending on the sea area. The Tyrrhenian is mostly hot in summer and mild in winter, rainfall is mainly concentrated in winter towards the south. The Adriatic Sea is hot and dry in summer and is perfect for those who love sailing.

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E-Travel and boat rentals, how we travel nowadays

E-Travel and boat rentals, how we travel nowadays
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