Easy luxurious yacht rentals through Samboat

With Samboat, you can rent a yacht in just one single click. Look for yachts in the most prestigious, well known areas like the Mediterranean, Marseille, Saint-Tropez, Antibes, Corsica, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and of course, Ibiza. When choosing a yacht, you can choose to have a skipper or full crew to make you enjoy the most out of your vacation.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht?

The price of a yacht can vary depending on the amenities on the boat as well as the size and destination. On average, it can range anywhere from 500€ to more than 10,000€ a day. Typically it will cost 12,000€ a week for a modest yacht. Aside from the base price, you will have to account for the port fees as well as the fuel used for your journey. When renting a yacht for example like in yacht rental croatia it is normal to have an "APA" (Advance Provisioning Allowance) that will cover these expenses. The APA is 30% of the amount of the initial rental and the unused balance will be paid back.

How to choose a yacht?

To choose a yacht, it is best to have a few numbers in mind before beginning your search. After choosing a destination, having an exact budget in mind along with the amount of passengers will get you off to a great start. Depending on the comfort and service you expect, you can make rental requests based on the yachts you like and that meet your criteria. Some yachts are not displayed on the search results and are only available on request, so we suggest you request a quote by clicking on the button below. It is recommended to sign a "MYBA" type contract with the lesser in order to guarantee optimal protection, while respecting all market standards. Depending on your project and needs, SamBoat can find you the yacht that will make you have the best vacation of your life. Let us handle your project and our team will organize everything for you to make it unforgettable.