The E-Travel platform for boat rentals

Renting a boat is a practice that is no longer strange to everyone. And now that its access is open on the net, the request for boat rental is done in one minute. And then we have several online companies that offer new opportunities to travel on the water, so it's amazing.

Travelling on water

Renting a boat was always considered a luxury whim before. Now that private companies have had the good idea to offer boats for rent from private individuals. The practice has become a ritual of people for the holidays. Indeed, renting a pleasure boat for 6 people on board is equivalent to the expenses you incur when renting a hotel. And then compared to the offers of rental agencies, the flexibility of the contract leaves users free during their stays. For the price issue, it's about the same, but customers are treated better than in an agency. We discover better the splendor of the monuments on the water, a good layout of the houses, and this beautiful architecture that we cannot help but admire. It was by doing the rent a boat mallorca that we were able to take such attractive pictures that we were drawn back again.

Book a boat for the holidays

With the offers available on boat rental sites, you can find different types of rentals. Rent a boat for a few hours, which can be done by using semi-motor boats with a maximum of 6 HP. A daily rental whose price has really decreased by 50 euros per person. Weekend rental, for a few hundred euros with a pleasure boat. A weekday rental with a very reasonable rate between 2 000 to 6 000 euros per week. And finally, the rental of moored boats, to host family events as well as professional team-building.

We can really disconnect from the land by taking the sea from the good and discovering the beauty of the marine world.

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